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ROBERT DINDOFFER has practiced in almost all areas of healthcare law but has focused his practice on regulatory and transactional matters related to healthcare practice arrangements (including captive practice arrangements), payor contracting, managed care, and audit compliance.  Specializing in health care and insurance laws and related regulations, Mr. Dindoffer frequently advises clients regarding physician/practice/hospital transactions, privacy and security matters, and arrangements with payors.  Mr. Dindoffer provides advice to clients regarding federal and state self-referral laws, federal and state anti-kickback laws, and information technology issues. Mr. Dindoffer counsels clients regarding the corporate practice of medicine doctrine and other related practice management issues.

In addition, Mr. Dindoffer is an expert in government and public affairs law as it relates to the healthcare industry.  Mr. Dindoffer has served as counsel for several healthcare and insurance trade organizations, successfully supporting legislative and regulatory initiatives.  Mr. Dindoffer has also worked in politics and government, successfully managing a United States House campaign in 2012 and helping to establish a Congressional office in Washington, D.C.  Clients are able to benefit from Mr. Dindoffer’s experience with legislators and regulators as well as his general experience in public affairs.

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